Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

On the evening of April 25, 2013 Muskogee held its fourth annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet, presented by the Nonprofit Resource Center. Across the city, individuals were nominated to receive an award for volunteer efforts that keep non-profits like GCBHS in business. In our case, six of our eight Board members were honored and received special recognition. Those recognized specifically for serving on the GCBHS Board were: Beverly Romine, who has served on our board for most of the past twenty years; Johnny Teehee, who (along with Beverly) has served as Board President; Helen Bumgarner, who represents McIntosh County; and Dr. Sally Nichols-Sharpe, who fulfills our requirement for early childhood education expertise. Also honored for their long-term volunteer efforts were Miriam Freedman and Loretta Reed.
Beginning with our first Board of Directors in 1979, GCBHS has been very fortunate in maintaining a diverse group of individuals who volunteer their time in support of our agency and our community. We appreciate ALL of our Board members, including very new members – Rev. Forrest Kirk and attorney Paula Wilburn – and we say “congratulations!” to those honored at the Volunteer Banquet.
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