What services and experiences do Head Start programs ensure enrolled children and families receive?

Education Services:

  • Individualized learning programs
  • Evidence and research based curriculum
  • Inclusion of children with special needs
  • Family literacy activities
  • Alignment of curriculum and assessments with public schools

Health Services

  • Medical, dental, vision and hearing screenings and referrals
  • Nutrition services
  • Health education
  • Mental health screening and referrals
  • Assistance in establishing a medical and dental home

Family Services

  • Links to community resources
  • Family goal setting and parenting education
  • Leadership opportunities through parent council involvement
  • Parent education programs
  • Support during transition from Head Start to public schools


Head Start also assists teachers in continuing their education. More than half the Head Start classroom teachers in Oklahoma have earned associate, bachelor, or advanced degrees in early childhood education. Nearly all teachers without a degree are enrolled in early childhood degree programs.