We understand that life can be overwhelming at times but we also know that mental illness can be treated and we are here to help. This service is available 24 hours a day and may be provided in a mobile setting.

Crisis Stabilization Unit

This is a 24-hour locked facility that serves persons needing acute crisis care.  This is a highly intensive level of care.  This may also include persons having difficulties getting their medications properly adjusted and in need of supervised care while doing so.  The average length of stay is 3 – 5 days.  This level of services is primarily initiated in an involuntary manner.

Urgent Recovery Center (Adults)  

This unit also serves persons in acute crisis, but services can be managed at a lesser level of care than the Crisis Unit.  Services are typically initiated on a voluntary basis.

Care As Needed (CAN)

This service is designed to assist persons already in our outpatient system who may need acute intervention, medication, support or any kind of assistance 24/7.

Our Crisis Unit also provides medically supervised detoxification services for persons who are medically stable.

All calls received after business hours go directly to the Crisis Unit. 918-682-8407