In addition to mental healthcare, we reach the community right where they are, advocating and ensuring no one misses out on services. We also work with the court system, medical providers and community organizations such as WISH and the Gospel Rescue Mission.

We have a team whose mission is to reach out to the community including the homeless population and meet their direct needs and refer them to area resources. Existing clients that are most in need are given special consideration and we work hard to keep them engaged in getting the help they need.

Mental Health Court
Our goal in working with the court system is to assist with helping convicted persons from being reoffenders, especially those with mental illness or co-occurring disorders.  We have trained staff working closely with the Court regarding planning for mental health and substance abuse services for court-involved clients.

Helping Connections
This is a support service that helps clients access and utilize resources within the community. The basic premise here is, “What do you need and how can we help connect you?”

Psychiatric Rehabilitative Services
This structured program promotes recovery, community integration and improved quality of life for persons diagnosed with a mental illness. The array of services provided include, social, educational, occupational, behavioral and cognitive interventions. The goals of this service are to optimize the person’s potential for goal setting, skill development and increased quality of life.

Wellness and Prevention
Increasing one’s life span and quality of life is the operative goal of this service. Activities are focused on identification and education into various activities that promote good health that may include smoking cessation, nutritional information, physical fitness, etc.

Systems of Care
Services intended to help an identified client (child) and their identified support system access various community resources that will enable them to achieve their maximum potential. A division of this service is called “Transitions.” “Transitions” assists persons, age 16-24, that have been involved in various programs and are transitioning into adulthood. Counseling, case management, and rehabilitation are all services utilized.