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Green Country offers several Recovery programs for individuals struggling with substance use. Services include peer support, case management, therapy, substance recovery groups, and medication management in an outpatient setting. We utilize evidence-based interventions based in cognitive restructuring and positive reinforcement.  

Recovery Team Goals  

  • Stabilize & strengthen coping capacity of clients through managing cravings and urges 
  • Increase periods of abstinence 
  • Reduce impacts on families and community 
  • Instill a sense of self-efficacy with clients 
  • Allow clients to focus on behavioral interventions 
  • Improve clinical outcomes for clients 
  • Remove barriers to accessing treatment 
  • Educate and reduce stigma surrounding treatment

Recovery Team Objectives 

  • Decrease illicit substance use 
  • Reduce transmission of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other STDs 
  • Reduce risky and criminal behaviors 
  • Improve social functioning 
  • Retain clients in treatment 
  • Decrease overdose and death

Medication Assisted Treatment Program
This is a great option for clients working toward overcoming addiction to opioids. Buprenorphine (Suboxone) is an opioid replacement that contains key medications that work together to prevent opioid withdrawal and cravings, as well as maintenance therapy.

Narcan Hub
We  provide Narcan kits to help prevent opioid overdose in our communities. We provide outreach, education, and  information to individuals, groups, businesses, etc. If interested in learning more just give us a call.

Stimulant Use Program
The same high-quality care is now available to people who struggle with methamphetamine, cocaine, and prescription stimulants. This program is built for the specific needs of people who struggle with stimulant use issues. Cognitive restructuring techniques are combined with contingency management to help make lasting changes toward recovery.

MAT Clinic hours: 
Wednesday  1:00pm-3:00pm 
Thursday  8:00am-12:00pm 
“I want our clients to know that there is hope! Recovery is hard work, but it is well worth it! Many of our caring clinicians have found recovery themselves and have dedicated their lives to guiding others on their own journey to the path of recovery.” 
Kelli Deckard
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