IPS Team exceeds nationally

We are proud to announce that our Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Team has exceeded the national average in Competitive Employment Rates and is a model for the rest of the nation to follow.

IPS is a model of supported employment for people with serious mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, etc.).

“IPS is such an amazing program! It allows the individual to guide their employment/education experiences while still working with supportive staff. IPS model removes barriers and allows IPS staff to truly focus on what the client needs & wants. Seeing individuals obtain gainful employment or finish school is so exciting.” – Katy Marshall, IPS Team Leader

This team has also been asked to share with other IPS programs in Oklahoma and across the country what they are doing and how they have worked with Oklahoma Works in making that collaboration so successful!

“Being an employment and education specialist has become my unknown dream job. I love to getting the opportunity to take my life experience and utilize it to give others hope during the struggles of obtaining gainful employment or furthering their education. Sometimes all an individual needs is support and encouragement to unlock their potential.” -Destanie Ramsey, IPS Team

Congratulations to you all!

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