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Staff take part in Muskogee Clean-Up

Close to 20 Green Country staffers participated in this year’s Azalea Clean-Up Days in Muskogee, held the week of March 23-26th and sponsored by the City of Muskogee. Our staff has participated in the past several years (minus last year’s due to the pandemic) and it is a wonderful event for our community and allows our staff to develop closer relationships with each other during the day. Who knew so much trash would bring people together?!

Our team began the day getting supplies and vests on and spending time cleaning the grounds of our own agency before taking off northbound on Main St.  The group walked the entire length of Main St. from MLK Blvd. to Shawnee Bypass picking up trash from both sides of the street as well as the grass covered medians. They gathered close to 50 bags of trash and returned for a well-deserved pizza luncheon.

Those participating were: Robert Durham, Keith Harlin, Chardonnay Hutton, Mark Johnson, John Lindsay, Katy Marshall, Kimberly Morgan, Angela Martindale, Joanie Pitts, Traci Riddle, Steve Roets, Melissa Shofner, Joy Sloan, Jose Tapia, Zach Vickers and Shawn Wilkerson.

Thank you team!

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