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Gun Violence Prevention Summit

We have so many of our staff doing such great work that many times, goes completely unrecognized…and many of them like it that way. On Monday, October 17th, we were asked to be a part of the Muskogee NAACP’s Gun Violence Prevention Summit to promote our services and be a resource for the community. Several community leaders and educators served on a panel in order to promote dialogue and discussion. A portion of the Summit centered on the importance of mental health care and the stigma surrounding accessing care. Sylvanus Boulware, who serves as a Behavioral Health Aide at Cherokee Elementary School in Muskogee, was asked to speak on the impact violence has on the children he works with. He is fondly referred to as “Mr. B” at the school and the students know they can come and talk to him about anything and everything. During the Summit, teachers and administrators at Cherokee commented on how he goes above and beyond his job description to help their students succeed and how he is such a tremendous asset to their school.

We appreciate every one of our BHA’s who work with hundreds of children across various districts.  Thank you, Sylvanus! (pictured in green hoodie)

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