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Med Clinic receives Excellence award

Congratulations to our Medical Clinic Team of nurses and other staff for receiving the “Excellence in the Workplace Award” at the Oklahoma Nurses Association annual convention.
The Excellence in the Workplace Environment Award is presented to organizations that have developed positive work environments. These organizations must have developed an Innovative and effective program, approach or overall environment that promotes excellent nursing care, creating a positive environment for nurses to work and supports nurses in their practice.
We’re proud of the work you do each and every day!
The award was based on the following letter submitted by Angela Martindale, PhD, RN:

I am nominating Green Country Behavioral Health Services, Inc (GCBHS) for the Excellence in the Workplace Environment because of the positive environment created for nurses in the outpatient services and the crisis unit. The CEO promotes and supports a working environment that embraces a team approach utilizing every employees’ strengths to provide the best outcomes for our community. GCBHS is an example in our community for providing holistic care and crisis services. All employees are encouraged and supported in their growth and development personally and professionally. Nurses are recognized for their role and approach necessary for caring for the client. Nurses are happy to work at GCBHS as evidenced by some quotes by currently employed nurses.

“I love working as a nurse for GCBHS because I get to see how the services we offer improve the lives of those in our community.”

“I like working as a nurse at GCBHS because I get to serve this mental health community. Working here is very humbling to me because of what I know and how I perceive hope for these clients we are servicing.”

“It is a great place to work. We are like family here and we also treat the clients like family.”

“GCBHS is a healthy work environment where we get to serve our community and work as a team to build each other up. This is an excellent example of how teamwork makes the dream work.”

GCBHS is deserving of this recognition and award because this organization embraces the skillset that everyone brings to the team to serve our community. This is supportive of nurses and is an excellent working environment. The expectation for nurses to promote excellent nursing care is necessary to provide the best care to our community and to promote our motto of “Caring people caring for people.”

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