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MAT client shares recovery story

Thank you, Mike, for sharing your story of recovery and for being a part of our Medication Assisted Treatment program

What was your life like during the time/times you were in active addiction?
I hurt my back and a friend let me have some pain pills and it took the pain away and that was it. I got a doctor to prescribe me some and then it became total hell and misery. I was avoiding family but using them at the same time. The more I used them for things, the more drugs I could get, and the more drugs, the less guilt I had.
When did you know that you know you had hit rock bottom?
After losing my business and my wife. While I was in my Dr.’s office waiting to get my pills, the F.B.I. swarmed his office because of his bad prescribing practices. Needless to say, I didn’t get my medicine. Lying so much that I destroyed my family was by far the worst thing that has happened or will happen to me; even worse than being diagnosed with brain cancer.
What was your road to recovery like?
It started when my Dr. was busted and I started panicking and needing medicine. The next Dr. I went to said they would give me 5 methadone which wouldn’t have been enough for a couple of days at the most. I was just exhausted and woke up and I got motivated to change and live. I decided not to take the pills asked for help and they gave me the information about Green Country and that was the best thing that could ever have happened; a true God-send.
What does life in recovery look like for you now?
It looks totally hopeful. Since then I have been diagnosed with brain cancer and I could have gone in an instant to get pain medicine. Some ask me why I don’t and the reason is that towards the end I don’t have control over my cancer or how long my life will go on, or the way people see me. Literally, the only thing I have control over is my recovery. The past two years will not be wasted.
What are your plans in the near future?
I have no plans for the future because of the cancer, but I’m not complaining or crying about it. I don’t know if I will take the medication (suboxone) forever or titrate off of it, but it is a needed tool along with the outpatient counseling and groups that helps me lead as normal of a life as I can. My plans are only to stay clean and sober and to make sure my recovery time and my life isn’t wasted; Good Lord willing.

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